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Enjoying Ice Cream


Early 2021 during Covid, I noticed that my boyfriend, Mike Pardo, loved to eat ice cream almost every night. As a life-long health and fitness nut and organic eater since 1995 I was curious as to why he ate the brands that he did. I pointed out to him that all the brands he ate had all sorts of junk in them like gums, fillers and fake sugars. He told me that he honestly only looked at the macros on the label (amount of fat, sugar etc.) and that he wasn’t reading the ingredient list. We looked in the markets, but a super-clean product was nowhere to be found. I then had the idea to start making our own plant based, organic dairy-free frozen dessert / “ice cream” without all the junk. It has taken us a year to perfect, but we’ve now come up with six delicious flavors. So far people are loving both the taste and the quality of the product.

It’s been a helluva ride so far and I thank everyone that has ordered and remarked how they love the products. We’re pushing for the company to continue to grow by adding new products, selling via UberEats and DoorDash and offering our products to South Florida restaurants and shops. We hope our organic minded business can, little by little, help to heal both people and the planet, one scrumptious product at a time.

P.S. As a life-long mountain-biker, Mike’s group of friends gave him the nickname of Organic Manic Yogi (since he talked nonstop about the benefits of eating healthy organic food and was the only nut to do yoga stretches after the rides.) Thus the name was born.

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